Our Model

The Village Drill is the leading piece of technology in the fight against poverty

With the Village Drill, instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars hiring a 20 ton drilling rig to drill just one well, you can now make the same investment in the Village Drill and can drill hundreds of wells.  Investing in something much more sustainable; human-power.

There is only one realistic way to reduce and eliminate scarce and contaminated water that is with a drill strong enough to penetrate nearly all substrates and yet portable enough to be moved around manually.  The Village Drill does just that.  A big misconception that most NGO’s fall victim to is the notion that we could solve the scarce and contaminated water crisis by simply having big rig trucks drill more wells.  There is just one problem with that hypothesis.  Due to the size of the drilling rigs, it is estimated that these rigs could only ever reach 20%-25% of those in need.  Why?  75% of those in need live off improved rods that are inaccessible to large drilling rigs.


NGO Advantages

Establishing Ownership

As a drilling community our hope is to create new opportunities rather than new dependency. For this to happen it is vital that your work is sustainable. By establishing local ownership and economic viability, the Village Drill drilling system is maintained locally and stays operable long after the sponsor is off site. In short if the drillers make money for their families, the drilling and the water stays flowing.

Water for All

The ‘Perpetual Well Fund’ was developed to help empower any community or school who is in need of clean water. The Perpetual Well Fund is designed to work with local African banks to provide small loans to groups or individuals wishing to install a pump or a well. A typical loan for a completed well is for $2500 and a community of 125 families paying just $1 a month could pay off the well in less than 24 months. And with a water business that can easily earn $360 a month or more, loans are consistently repaid in full and in a timely manner.



Creating New Business

The developing world is littered with broken pumps and contaminated wells installed by well­ meaning organizations and individuals. In the traditional but flawed system, pumps and wells were usually given freely to communities, but with no sense of ownership. If a pump breaks, no one fixes it. With Village Drill model, ownership and economic viability is established so maintenance and access to clean water is continuous.

The Proof

With our innovative approach we have seen incredible progress in the areas where our model is in use. A rural primary school in Kenya used to spend their entire government budget purchasing water for their students and teachers. This budget was supposed to pay the teacher’s salaries, buy books and supplies. After receiving a well two (2) miracles happened. The first miracle was the school had a 30% increase in attendance. Why? Because the girls who were normally fetching the daily water were now able to go to school. The well was in the school and the girls would bring home the daly water bucket after school was finished for the day. The second miracle was the school no longer needed to purchase their water. By charging a modest fee to the community, the school earned $12 a day in water fees. This amounted to over $4,300 in annual revenue, a positive net gain or discretionary income to the school of over $10,000 USD. 


Advantages for Communities


Communities and individuals with water can now grow healthier crops, go to school, and become industries with hours previously spent fetching water.   


The lack of toilets is in direct proportion to the lack of water. If you introduce water you can now introduce effective sanitation controls.                                                                                                                                                        


When girls are not fetching water during the day they can attend school. When they have water to help them stay clean during their menstrual cycles they stay in school and do not drop out.


It can access communities that most drilling rigs cannot reach. The Village Drill can be driven by truck and then hand carried to its final destination.                                                                                   


The low cost and robust nature of the Village Drill allows entrepreneurs to create a viable drilling business that was nearly impossible with other manual drilling methods.                                      


Two main factors with wells over open water sources is you nearly eliminate malaria because there is not a breeding ground for mosquitoes and two, gastrointestinal diseases can be reduced to nearly zero.


With water and irrigation you will increase yields and be able to have an additional growing season during the normally dry months.                                      


The Village Drill is one of the few and certainly the fastest manual method to reach these depths. In soils and clays the Village Drill can drill up to 45 meters a day.  The Village Drill comes complete with 50 three foot long drill strings.


In the face of a natural disaster often the difference between life and death is immediate access to clean water. The Village Drill can quickly create or rebuild destroyed water points.