The Drill

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What's Included

Featured Items

  • The Complete Village Drill Structure and wheel components
  • 50 (3') Sections of Drill String
  • 5.5 Horsepower Honda Gas Powered Water Pump*
  • 3 Bags of Betonite
  • Digital Instructions, Operating Manuals, Videos and other materials
  • NEW: 5 Industrial Drag Bits
    • Two 3 7/8" Pilot Bits
    • Two 5 7/8" Drag Bits
    • One 7" Reamer Bit
  • NEW: Industrial Mud Mixer
  • NEW: Improved "Rock Ram" Attachment with 40" Hydraulic Cylinder

*Items shown above subject to change due to technology advances & availability.  Other pumps available at purchasers request.



Shipping Information

Crate Dimensions: 95"X54"X34

Total Weight: 2440 lbs (1107kg)




For a list of current complete items, please email sales.  

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